XXV Anniversary

The Packet Radio Station Project from the University of Mendoza (LU1MUM) arises at the beginning of the year 1988, year from which have passed a series of events, in which have participated different professors, researchers and students, providing essential support that has helped the project get to today. On 1 December the project will serve 25 years.

This project falls within the agreement signed between the University of Mendoza and AMSAT AR, whose objective was to assemble and operate a station of communications of University Packet Radio, both by land as satellite. Also, this season, was placed on a Bulletin Board System (BBS), which is part of the packet existing networks, such as the LUNET network (Argentina), LANET (Latin American) and AMSAT (WorldWide), among others. This station operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year on the Benegas Campus.

The objective of this project is to promote space activities, packet radio, telematic and communications in the field of the University of Mendoza, in particular with the students of the Faculty of Engineering. It is also the objective of this project to provide a public service to the community of Mendoza, in particular to the amateur radio station is a node of the previously listed networks. On the other hand, in this season, college students can practice activities associated with the radio hobby, licensed from the University of Mendoza (LU1MUM).

With the start of the activity in Packet Radio station virtually work of Precompetitive Technological Research (PTR) began. These works are part of the extra curricular activities that can develop students of degree of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Mendoza. These works of PTR aims to train human resources, in particular with the students of degree of the Faculty of engineering of the University of Mendoza, so either both in the sphere of private activity as research can rapidly incorporate the existing working groups.

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