The AMSAT project in relation to the University of Mendoza emerged in early 1988, since when he has passed a series of major events, where different people have participated, providing critical support that has enabled the project to reach today. Now about to celebrate 25 years of continuous operation (1 December 2014) is right to make a stop along the way to write the history of this station.

In May 1988, the then coordinator AMSAT-AR, Eng. Gerardo Belinski met with the then Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Eng. Celeste D'Inca and the then Secretary of Academic Faculty of Engineering Ing. Raul Funes. Against the reason this meeting, see the feasibility of participation of the University of Mendoza in the project was facing AMSAT-AR. The project in question was build and put into orbit the first Argentine satellite, owned by AMSAT-AR.

AMSAT is a registered non-profit organization which aims to promote space activities worldwide. The AMSAT-AR organization is part of AMSAT International, based in the United States.

In the meeting with the authorities of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Mendoza,Dr. Eng. Raul Funes Jorge Favier well as analysis comes as an initiative. Appointed Dr. Ing. Jorge Favier in charge of analyzing the feasibility of such an agreement the scope thereof. In this agreement the appointment arose as a technical representative Dr. Eng. Jorge Favier (resolution 02/89 rector of February 15, 1989) and Eng. Gerardo Belisky by AMSAT-AR.

The agreement was made in a simple ceremony where a date for the opening of the station was also set. This date was associated with the orbiting satellite LUSAT-1 / OSCAR 19.

The date of opening of the station was set on December 1, 1989 at 20 am.

In this inauguration there was a Speech by Mr. Dean, Faculty of Engineering Eng. Celeste D'Inca and a description of the earth station by Dr. Eng. Jorge Favier

The radio had a huge impact great authorities offered their congratulations to the same, including the president of the nation of that time Dr. Carlos Menem.

The first activities

The objectives set out in that agreement were the installation and commissioning of a University BBS and a Packet Radio Satellite Station, within the University of Mendoza, to operate the LUSAT-1 satellite.

From the outset it was aimed to incorporate the students of the Faculty of Engineering in the implementation tasks of the season. As these voluntary and extracurricular tasks, hampered a little student participation, although he always had volunteers for various tasks.

Complementary activities

Although the agreement did not set out, under the same spirit, complementary tasks were performed, among which include the following:

  • Report referred to the first Argentine Lusat Satellite-1, Journal of the Society of Engineers, Architects and Land Surveyors Mendoza, 73 specimen (Author Dr. Eng. Jorge Favier)
  • Report referred to Argentine Lusat Satellite-1, Journal of the University of Mendoza, editorial Idearium (author Dr. Eng. Jorge Favier)
  • Work based on: Study of correlations between the telemetry of Oscar Lusat- 19, Journal of the University of Mendoza, editorial Idearium (author: Dr. Eng. Jorge Favier )
  • Presentation Station in "Knowing" program, documentary program overview, winner Martin Fierro Award issued by LS 89 TV Canal 7 Mendoza.
  • A series of lectures related to Satellite Telecommunications, held at the University of Leeds, where they were as speakers Dr. Eng. Jorge Favier and Mr. Gerardo Belinsky was performed.
  • We participated in the meeting of National Coordinators Amsat-AR (Santa Fe City), where the Eng. José Daniel Puliafito lectured on "Packet Radio Station of the University of Mendoza", June 1994