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Court Agent

Court Agent

Department of Education Resolution nº150/73.
Degree: Procurador (Court Agent.)
Length: 3 years.

The Court Agent is legally authorized to practice in everything concerning judicial and administrative procedures before the different State agencies, offices or sections. The court agent profession is performed independently and they need the attorney-at-law’s advice or attestation for certain practices. Thus, they are also authorized to assist the attorneys, having a professional relationship.  Likewise, the court agent is authorized to act in any court, with national or provincial venue; and in administrative site, being able to produce and file documents, as well as to act in court on behalf of clients, whenever it is not forbidden by law.


Our undergraduate and graduate programs are characterized by a seriousness conveyed in the course rendering, including written works by their prestigious professors, after conducting a long and deep survey about the faculty members. 

The courses that are common to the attorney-at-law, notary public, and court agent programs are simultaneously rendered by the same professors to these program cohorts, thus, students are able to change their professional option in any instance.

General Curriculum 

1st Year

Civil Law –General Part
Commercial Law- General Part
Duties Law
Constitutional Law
Negotiable Instruments and Other Commercial Papers

2nd Year

Social Safety and Labor Law
Commercial and Civil Contracts
Administrative Law
Law of Civil Procedure
Real Property, Registrar Recording and Intellectual Property Rights (a)

3rd Year 

Bankruptcy and Prior Reorganization Procedures
Family Law
Law of Successions

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