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Specialization in Science of Criminal Justice

PhD in Law and Social Sciences: Cycle Hydric Resources and Environmental Law PhD in Law and Social Sciences. Cycle: Labor Law Master of Damages Rights Master of Science in Criminal Justice Specialization in Science of Criminal Justice Specialization in Business Legal Advice and Master of Business Rights Specialization and Master of Magistracy and Legal Management Specialization in Bioethics and Biolaw Diploma in Labor Law Diploma in Hydric Resources and Environment Post-graduates and Continuing Education

Specialization in Science of Criminal Justice

Accredited by CONEAU Resolution nº 1137/15.
Degree: Especialista en Ciencias Penales (Specialist in Science of Criminal Justice.)
Length:18 months.

The aspects related to the Criminal Science is nowadays topic not only of professional and academic interest (lawyers, magistrates, prosecutors, teachers and researchers) but also of social and political interest. Thus, those people need academic tools enough to fulfill their functions properly, no matter the position they have. 

The School of Law and Social Sciences of the Universidad de Mendoza offers this specialization with the general purpose of providing a set of conceptual tools and advanced techniques aimed at the debate of the current problems the criminal jurist has to face, by means of subjects related to specific topics of the national compared law, particularly human rights.

The attendance of this specialization is a mandatory requirement for the students to be able for the enrollment on  the Master  of Criminal Sciences at the Universidad de Sevilla.

The Universidad de Sevilla and the  Universidad de Mendoza have signed an academic and scientific collaboration agreement and teachers’ and students ‘exchange allowing those that have attended or are attending this specialization at the UM, to have the chance of a double degree : Especialista en Ciencias Penales by the Universidad de Mendoza, and Magister en Ciencias Penales the Universidad de Sevilla.

For further information, visit the webpage belonging to the “Instituto Andaluz Interuniversitario de Criminología” www.iaic.us.es. 


  • To deepen the knowledge of criminal and procedural laws, in force in the Argentine Republic, taking into account the amendments included since the year 1994 and the important modification made in our criminal and procedural code since the last years.
  • Not only to exclusively look for the simple transition of theoretical knowledge but also to apply the theory and practice and to develop the student`s critical thinking about the current behavior of the criminal rules (substantive and adjectival,) in order to make the same student able to detect the good and wrong decisions made over the changes on the general system.

Aimed at

Attorneys or Notaries Public that have a degree from nationally private or public universities, authorized by the National Department of Education and Culture, and foreign degrees validated by the National State.

The process of selection of candidates for this course is in charge of the Committee of Admissions.

General Curriculum

  • Current Criminal Law
  • Criminal Law and Human Rights
  • Constitutional Criminal Law
  • Criminology
  • Deepened Law of Criminal Procedure
  • Criminalist
  • Rules Governing Tax Crime
  • Special and Economic Crimes
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Criminal Law, State, and Society
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