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Specialization in Bioethics and Biolaw

PhD in Law and Social Sciences: Cycle Hydric Resources and Environmental Law PhD in Law and Social Sciences. Cycle: Labor Law Master of Damages Rights Master of Science in Criminal Justice Specialization in Science of Criminal Justice Specialization in Business Legal Advice and Master of Business Rights Specialization and Master of Magistracy and Legal Management Specialization in Bioethics and Biolaw Diploma in Labor Law Diploma in Hydric Resources and Environment Post-graduates and Continuing Education

Accredited by the CONEAU Resolution nº 413 (09/03/2015).
Degree: Especialista en Bioética y Bioderecho
Lenght: 18 months.

Start: 2016

Online enrollment: November 2105. Limited places.

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Postgraduate studies are today an essential part of the academic life in universities. In other words, they are a natural and unavoidable continuation for undergraduates. However, they are more important for those topics which not only are a priority for the society but also show a continuous evolution in quality and quantity of knowledge per se. Among these fields, Medicine and the so called life sciences like Biology, Biochemistry and molecular Biology are the most common subjects to be considered.
These disciplines, in addition to being protagonists of an unimaginable and extraordinary progress for 30 years ago, are of particular interest because they are the foundation for human beings’ health and welfare. The assisted fertilization methods; genetic detection of future diseases or predispositions to them; transplantation medicine; gene therapy; sequencing the human genome and the development of drugs that enable a sustained growth in life expectancy, applicable to diseases against which we were powerless until a few years ago are examples of these astonishing developments.
Hence, the offer of these course has an immediate impact on personal and institutional development, to achieve the consolidation of an indispensable tool for the topic research and the training of human resources for graduate and undergraduate teaching.


  • The overall objective of this specialization is to train highly qualified specialized professionals in the field of Bbioethics and Biolaw, with an integrated and interoperable view from the cultural, social, medical, philosophical, anthropological and economic legal complexity imposed by our community nowadays.
  • Seek further research and update the attendees’ training.
  • Deepen the analysis of the relationship between bioethics and law, and all related disciplines such as philosophy, anthropology, sociology, political science, medicine, psychology.

Aimed at

Graduates form Social Sciences, Notary Public Philosophy, Anthology, Sociology, Political Sciences Medicine, Psychology, and other graduates approved by the Admission Committee, issued by Public National or private universities, authorized by the Department of Education and Culture and foreign degrees validates by the National State.

The Admission Committee is headed by Dr. Eleonora Lamm and coordinated by Dr. Luis Enrique Abiatti.

Teaching Staff

• Aída Kemelmajer de Carlucci
• Eleonora Lamm
• Maria Casado
• Luis Enrique Abiatti
• Salvador Dario Bergel
• Carlos Massini Correas
• Marisa Herrera
• Andrés Gil Domínguez
• Nora Lloveras
• José Mainetti
• Silvina Furlotti
• José María Tau
• Gerardo Mazziotti
• Patricia Gorra
• Mauro Cabral
• Ignacio Maglio
• Well-known Argentiean and foreing specialists.

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