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Specialization and Master of Magistracy and Legal Management

PhD in Law and Social Sciences: Cycle Hydric Resources and Environmental Law PhD in Law and Social Sciences. Cycle: Labor Law Master of Damages Rights Master of Science in Criminal Justice Specialization in Science of Criminal Justice Specialization in Business Legal Advice and Master of Business Rights Specialization and Master of Magistracy and Legal Management Specialization in Bioethics and Biolaw Diploma in Labor Law Diploma in Hydric Resources and Environment Post-graduates and Continuing Education

Specialization in Magistracy and Legal Management.

Accredited by the CONEAU Resolution nº 442/09.

Master of Magistracy and Legal Management.

Accredited by the CONEAU Resolution nº 413/09.

Especialista en Magistratura y Gestión Judicial

Lenght: 18 months.


Magister en Magistratura y Gestión Judicial

Lenght: 24 months.

Associated programs in between the Universidad de Mendoza (School of Law and Social Sciences), and the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (School of Law) and the Supreme Court of Mendoza province. 4th Cohort (2012-2013).


The main goal is to go in depth of specific topics, in the professional field as well as in different areas of application, expanding the education by means of an intensive training.

This master provides a higher training in one discipline or interdisciplinary area, deepening the education in the theoretical, technological, and professional development for the research and progress of the mentioned discipline.

Aimed at

Attorneys that have a degree from nationally private or public universities, authorized by the National Department of Education and Culture, and foreign degrees validated by the National State.

The process of selection of candidates for this course is in charge of the Committee of Admissions.

General Curriculum

  • Society, Law and Justice I and II
  • Magistracy and Legal Function I and II
  • Management and Administration I and II
  • Legal Discourse
  • Deepening Procedural Law I and II
  • Practice Contribution for the Legal System Improvement
  • Interpretation of Law
  • Constitutional Principles of the National, International, and Supranational Process
  • Press and Justice
  • Applied Legal Ethics
  • Technology Applied to Justice
  • Search Processes for Doctrine and Jurisprudence I and II
  • International and Provincial Constitutional Regimes
  • Seminar: Legal Management
  • Workshop: Integration
  • Epistemology and Methodology
  • Case-Law Analysis and Case Judgment and Decision 
  • Economic Analysis
  • Interdisciplinary Seminar
  • Planning the Thesis Project
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