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PhD in Law and Social Sciences. Cycle: Hydric Resources and Environmental Law

PhD in Law and Social Sciences: Cycle Hydric Resources and Environmental Law PhD in Law and Social Sciences. Cycle: Labor Law Master of Damages Rights Master of Science in Criminal Justice Specialization in Science of Criminal Justice Specialization in Business Legal Advice and Master of Business Rights Specialization and Master of Magistracy and Legal Management Specialization in Bioethics and Biolaw Diploma in Labor Law Diploma in Hydric Resources and Environment Post-graduates and Continuing Education

PhD in Law and Social Sciences

Cycle: Hydric Resources and Environmental Law

Accredited by the CONEAU resolution Nº nº1170/11.
Degree: Doctor en Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales (PhD in Law and Social Sciences)

Length:12 months.

The PhD in Law and Social Sciences was the first program offered in the region, and it was included in the group of first PhD of this kind in the country. From the year 1969, the Universidad de Mendoza offers its graduates, professors, and local, national and international researchers an academic education par excellence, allowing a new contribution to the Legal Science.  


This PhD has the goal of the development and improvement in the area of legal knowledge, the universality of which should tend to the provision of truly original contributions within the chosen field, always in a framework of highly academic excellence.

The orientation in the 2014/2015 cycle is Hydric Resources and Environmental Law.

The UM's School of Law and Social Sciences offers this doctorate with the purpose of providing the students with legal, scientific and technological knowledge for them to fulfill a critical analysis of the legislation, administration, management and economy related to Hydric Resources and Environment.

Likewise, the objective is to offer those who work in these fields the essential tools to reach to a coordinated and deliberated dialog focused in solutions, which are based in specific principles for today and for the future of the country and province of Mendoza. Always taking into account the country history and geography as support for a true hydric policy; a modern, accurate, clear, coherent and conservation Water Law; an eficient, effective and dynamic administration; and an nevironmental economy. 

Aimed at

Attorneys or Notaries Public, having a degree from nationally private or public universities, authorized by the National Department of Education and Culture, and foreign degrees validated by the National State. The process of selection of candidates for this course is in charge of the Committee of Admissions.

General Curriculum


  • Module I: The Environmental Justice of the 21th Century.
  • Module II. The Modern Water Right.
  • Module III: Environmental Economy.
  • Seminar I: Water, Mining and Hydrocarbons.
  • Seminar II: Liability for Environmental Damage.
  • Epistemology, Research Methodology and Thesis workshop.
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