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Master of Science of Criminal Justice(Spain)

PhD in Law and Social Sciences: Cycle Hydric Resources and Environmental Law PhD in Law and Social Sciences. Cycle: Labor Law Master of Damages Rights Master of Science in Criminal Justice Specialization in Science of Criminal Justice Specialization in Business Legal Advice and Master of Business Rights Specialization and Master of Magistracy and Legal Management Specialization in Bioethics and Biolaw Diploma in Labor Law Diploma in Hydric Resources and Environment Post-graduates and Continuing Education

Master of Science in Criminal Justice at the Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)

Degree granted by the Universidad de Sevilla:Magíster en Ciencias Penales (Master of Science in Criminal Justice.)
Length: four intensive weeks in Seville city, Spain.

The Universidad de Sevilla and the Universidad de Mendoza have signed an academic and scientific collaboration agreement allowing the UM to offer attorneys-at-law, judges and prosecutors that are interested in Criminal Law the option of this double degree: Especialista en Ciencias Penales  for the Universidad de Mendoza, and Magister en Ciencias Penales for the Universidad de Sevilla, attending the course in Spain during an intensive month.

For further information, visit the webpage belonging to the “Instituto Andaluz Interuniversitario de Criminología” www.iaic.us.es. 

Aimed at

For the enrollment of this magister at the Universidad de Sevilla, it is a compulsory requirement for the student to be attending or have attended the specialization in Sciences in Criminal Justice at the Universidad de Mendoza.

General Curriculum

  • Terrorism
  • New Tendencies about Crime Policies
  • Criminal Law and Constitution
  • Legislative Policies
  • Economic Criminal Law
  • Criminal Law and Medicine
  • Execution of Punishments
  • Gender Violence
  • Mistake in Criminal Law
  • Punishment System
  • Iter Criminis
  • Environment and Criminal Law
  • Family and Criminal Law


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