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Interdisciplinary Approach to Addiction Clinical and Other Substance Use Disorders

Interdisciplinary Approach to Addiction Clinical and other Substances Use

Diploma "Diplomatura Universitaria en adicciones y otras problemáticas del consumo” (Interdisciplinary Approach to Addiction Clinical and other Substance Use Disorders)

This course is aimed at Health Care practitioners, psychologists, social workers, physicians, Ba in Nursery, specialists in family and young people, advanced students and professionals of other fields.

Topics related to current problems of addictions, where those graduated with this diploma will be able to:
• Work in interdisciplinary teams corresponding to specialized centers, provincial, community or private primary health centers.
• Work in interdisciplinary teams of psychopedagogic boards belonging to the General Board of Schools.
• Work in interdisciplinary teams in the areas of social development of the different town councils.
• Advise and mediate in risky situations of substance use and situations of family intervention.


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