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Emergency & Disaster Management University Technician

Approved by the Education Department Resolution Nº 1784.
Technical Degree: Técnico Universitario en Gestión de Emergencias y Desastres.
Length: 3 years.

Title scope
The graduate is able to:

  • Integrate interdisciplinary work teams works in collaboration and coordinated tasks with professionals belonging to the health field and public health management.
  • Implement public health logistic operations.
  • Operate communications within the emergency system.
  • Achieve the practice of public health transport and pre-hospital assistance of victims in collaboration with medical and nursery staff.
  • Proceed in accordance with the protocols stablished in advance for crisis, catastrophes and other accidents. Those protocols will be determined y local, regional and /or national regulations as regards civil defense.
  • Solve in a faster and accurate way the problems arising, as regards disasters and emergencies assistance.
  • Work applying humanism combined with a high ethical and moral sense, always coherently with the particular type of situation and space.
  • Develop promotion tasks. Situational diagnosis and prevention of the different risk factors, as well as with the everyday situations, entertainment areas and tourist services.
  • Reckon the priorities and proper expertise to achieve procedures demanded by each type of situation.
  • Primary responsibility and decision making is exclusively owned by the graduate physicians with competence reserved in accordance with section 43 of the Education Law.

General Curriculum

1st Year

First semester 

Professional Strategies and Techniques I
Public Health Organization
Special Physical Training
Disaster I
English Language I
Second Semester
Professional Strategies and Techniques II
Emergency Organization and Management
Self-Defense and Surviving
Disaster II
English Language II

2nd Year
First Semester

Prehospital Emergency Care I
IT – Statistics Applied
Management of Processes and Disasters
Second Semester
Prehospital Emergency Care II
Communications during Emergency
Psychology during Emergency

3rd Year
First Semester

Prehospital Emergency Care III
Professional Practice and Legal Aspects
Supervised Professional Practice

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