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Approved by the Education Department Resolution Nº 1496

Accredited by CONEAU Resolution Nº 934/12

Length: 5 years.

This degree program comprises fifty-two (52) courses, one Basic, one Preclinical, and Clinical cycles, considering subjects inherent to the degree and theoretical-practice development, including disciplines like IT and Language. Likewise, the program has four (4) optional courses and the Supervised Professional Practice - in hospital environment. This is the unique degree program involving practical activities in mouth simulators in the Preclinical cycle, and practical activities with patients in the Clinical Cycle.

The teaching is supported by current audiovisual means (PCs, multimedia projectors, rear-projector TVs, and others) and a state-of-the-art individual equipment for forty-eight (48) undergraduates, laboratories of basic courses, X-ray room, among others.

The undergraduate-teacher relationship is personalized, as well as the relationship between undergraduates and authorities. The faculty staff is highly trained and they are taking advanced courses all the time for their own improvement.


  • The axis of the whole course of study is the patient’s general oral health.
  •  The dentist’s professional performance should be adjusted to the health strategies and policies, and social medical care.
  • This professional should be aware that the patient assistance does demand not only the scientific knowledge and technique skill but also the proper humanitarian treatment and the social elements of health process - the illness.
  • These dentists should assume the suitability of the different practices of Dentistry with their different levels of complexity.

General Curriculum

1st Year

General Anatomy and Stomatology
General Biochemistry
Dental and General Embryology and Histology
Health Education and General Prevention
Dental Morphology
English Language I 
Biologic Physics
Dentistry, Science and Society 
Information Technology I 

2nd Year

Pathologic Anatomy
Microbiology and Parasitology
Diagnostic Imaging
Community and Preventive Clinical
Preclinical of Dental Surgery
Preclinical Removable Complete Prosthesis
English Language II 
Information Technology II 
Occlusion I
Occlusion II

3rd Year

General Semiology
Preclinical of Endodontics
Preclinical of Periodontics
Preclinical of Fixed Prosthesis
Surgery and Oral and Maxillofacial Orthopedics I
Clinical of Operative Dentistry I
Clinical of Complete Prosthesis
Introduction to Scientific Research
English Language III

4th Year

Clinical de Periodontics
Surgery and Oral and Maxillofacial Orthopedics II
Clinical of Operative Dentistry II
Clinical of Partial Prosthesis
Health Dentistry and Epidemiology
Articulation Welfare Teaching
Stomatology I
Elective Course I

5th Year

Adults’ Comprehensive Dentistry
Children’s Comprehensive Dentistry
Hospital Integration
Applied Scientific Research
Stomatology II
Legal Dentistry Legal and Professional Practice
Supervised Professional Practice
Elective Course II

Elective Courses

Elective Courses I (4th Year)
Conservative Operative Dentistry (TRA - MI)
High Resolution and Complexity Diagnostic Imaging (Computerized Axial Tomography CAT)

Elective Courses II (5th Year)
Public Health Management
Biologic Bases for Implantodontology

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