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Bachelor of Psychology

Approved by the Education Department Resolution Nº 1087/04.
Degree: Licenciado en Psicología.
Length: 5 years.

The bachelor of psychology is particularly trained in neurosciences to face and intervene in the working setting of this professional area.

Likewise, the professional practice is encouraged by means of internship programs that assure their future working setting with real experiences.   


This profession has developed into highly technical and diverse applications and it is strongly demanded by society and the current culture.  This bachelor of psychology degree makes the graduate possible the achievement of later specializations and advanced studies. Special emphasis is given to the practical aspects of this course of study, including the final professional practice.

Degree Scope

  • Provision of psychological approach and rehabilitation tasks.
  • Traumatic stress managing and assistance.
  • Building and development of psychological methods, techniques and tools.
  • Study, guidance and advising about motivations and attitudes within the social and communal setting, and in the interpersonal, group or social conflicts.
  • Tasks related to the working recruitment selection, distribution and occupational improvement.
  • Psychological assistance and advice within the public or private right setting.
  • Study in deep about social base pathologies.
  • Advice for the social insertion of physically challenged people.
  • Intervention and cooperation in the rehabilitation of the physical challenged people and their family.

General Curriculum

1st Year

General Psychology
History of Psychology
General and Human Biology
Applied IT
Technological English Language I
Anthropologic Perspectives
Current Trends in Psychology
Neurobiology I
Sociology. Network Approach
Principles of Scientific Thought and Epistemology
English Language II
Psychology and Current Socio-Cultural Problems

2nd Year

Social Psychology
Neurobiology II
Developmental Psychology I (Childhood - Adolescence)
Elective Course I
Personality Psychology
Psychological Statistics
Developmental Psychology II (Adulthood – Old Age)
Elective Course II
Ethics, Deontology and Professional Legislation
Psychopathology I
Integrative Practice I

3rd Year

Existential and Humanist Psychology
Research Methods I
Communicational Systemic Psychology
Elective Course III
Behavioral Cognitive Psychology
Research Methods II
Psychopathology II
Psychoanalytic Theory
Integrative Practice II
Elective Course IV

4th Year

Psychology of the Organizations
Community Mental Health
Psychological Diagnosis and Assessment I
Psychological Treatment and Intervention I – (Cognitive Behavioral Psychoanalysis)
Educational Psychology
Family Therapy and Orientation
Psychological Diagnosis and Assessment II
Psychological Treatment and Intervention II – (Humanistic-­existential-systemic-communicational)
Supervised Professional Practice on Orientations: Educational, Community and Organization
Integrative Practice III 

5th Year

Psychology for the Comprehensive Approach of the Chronic Patient
Legal Forensic Psychology
Supervised Professional Practice on Orientations: Forensic
Principles of Clinical Intervention
Seminar: Final Integrative Work
Supervised Professional Practice on clinical: Psychoanalitic–Psychodynamic-Cognitive-Behavioral-Humanistic-Existential-Systemic-Communicational

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