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Bachelor of Kinesiology

Approved by the Education Department Resolution Nº 1495/97.
Degree: Licenciado en Kinesiología

Length: 4 years.

This is an important specialty within the sanitary disciplines. Its development covers a broad area of permanent activity in terms of physical therapy or rehabilitation.

The bachelor’s function is associated with the prevention, maintenance, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of the physical capacity of people, by means of kinesiotherapy, physiotherapy and other preventive physical therapies.

Their professional performance is mainly developed in social-sanitary, educational, and working institutions; and sporting settings, all of them of private and public management.

The length course is four years or 2,780 class-hours; also comprising an intermediate undergraduate degree of Kinesiology, of three-year or 2,076-hour length.


To satisfy the demand of kinesiolgists with properly trained professionals, with specific skills for the physical assistance and spiritual needs that required for the physical rehabilitation.

Degree Scope

  • Their performance will be achieved in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, medical offices, and especially educational institutions, all of them public and private.
  • Managing and control of physiologic and kinesiology institutions dealing with physical therapies, physiological & sporting activities, and aesthetics.  
  • Participation in teaching activities related to the health, being part of the research health team.

General Curriculum

1st Year

Biologic Physics
Medical Psychology
EnglishLanguage I
Seminar I (Biochemistry)

2nd Year

Kinesics Techniques I
Medical-kinesics Semio-pathology
Preventive Physiotherapy
English Language II 
Orthotics and Prosthesis
Seminar II (Diagnostic Imaging)

3rd Year

Kinesics Techniques II
Medical Kinesiology 
English Language III
Aesthetic-Kinesic Physiatry
Bioinformatics and Computerized Rehabilitation
Seminar III (Neurology)

4th Year

Surgical Kinesiology 
Legal Kinesiology 
Sports Medicine
English IV 
Electric-physiatric-kinesics Pharmacology
Institutional Hospital Management
Work and Employment Kinesic Physiatry
Research Methodology
Seminar IV (Kinesics Practice) 
Final Work

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