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Ba in Nutrition

Approved by the Education Department Resolution Nº 1645/2013.
Technical Degree: Licenciado en Nutrición.
Length: 5 years.

Title scope

The graduate is able to:

  • Plan, organize, achieve, supervise, asses, audit and lead technical units of food services and production -either normal ones or therapeutic diets-, in public, private, mixed health institutions; social security entities or civil associations, always with the purpose of offering nutritional food assistance.
  • Achieve the full therapeutic diet treatment, starting with the food ananmesis and ending with the food plan designing and monitoring, for either individuals or healthy/ill populations, taking into account the previous medical prescription, with the purpose of maintaining or recovering healthy life conditions.
  • Plan, program, organize, achieve, monitor and assess policies, plans and program that include nutrition in the health promotion, as well as illnesses prevention.
  • Produce, update and assess dietary guidelines for healthy and / or diseased populations.
  • Drive, achieve and assess programs of Food and Nutrition Education for the promotion of healthy eating.
  • Be part of interdisciplinary working teams for the planning, implementation, assessing and monitoring of policies, plans and programs for health, social development, economic development, tourism, industry, education and other disciplines that favor human development.
  • Perform the complete nutritional counseling aimed at athletes, elderly people, pregnant women, breastfeeding and children from birth.
  • Organize, promote and participate in scientific events that encourage professional development, among other objects aimed at the research and production of rules, norms and codes related to this discipline.

General Curriculum

1st Year – Basic Cycle

Anatomy I
Anatomy II
Diet Basis I
Diet Basis II
Normal Nutrition I
Environmental Sanitation
Information Technology I
English Language I

2nd Year– Basic Cycle

Social Anthropology
Physiology I
Physiology II
Food Technology
Microbiology and Parasitology
English Language II
Information Technology II
Statistics and Biostatistics

2nd Year – Professional Cycle

Normal Nutrition II
Maternal and Child Nutrition

3rd Year – Professional Cycle

Adult Physiopathology and Dietetics I
Children Physiopathology and Dietetics I
Children Physiopathology and Dietetics II
Adult Physiopathology and Dietetics II
Technical Dietetics and Sensory Analysis
Diet Therapy Techniques
Nutritional Assessment I
Family Economy

4th Year – Professional Cycle

Nutritional Assessment II
Food Nutritional Education
Public Health Nutrition
Nutritional Epidemiology
Food Regulation and Quality Standards
Institutional Food and Planning
Food Management
Sports Physiology
Research Methodology
Information Technology III
5th Year– Professional Cycle
Nutritional Communication
Food Toxicology
Sport Nutrition
Geriatrics Nutrition
Ethics and Bioethics
Mandatory Final Practice

5th Year – Professional Cycle

Final Paper
Elective I
Elective II

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