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Introduction to the School of Economic Sciences

Since it started teaching on March, 26th, 2007, this is the youngest school in the UM and also conceived under the same quality and excellence principles applied for the rest of the UM’s schools. The degree programs available are: Certified Public Accountant and BA of Business Administration both approved by the State Department of Education with resolution Nº 2282/98 y Nº 2427/98.

At the same time a broad scholarship and internship programs are offered for outstanding students in well-known companies. 

Goals of the School:

1º To shape professionals competent to develop learning criteria, to acquire high capacity for reasoning and problem solving, in accordance with the environment requests and given the international business progress in technology, administration and human resources.

2º To train in team works and interdisciplinary groups, within the context of their individual limitations and skills.

 3º To encourage both, undergraduates and graduates, to permanent education practice, with a clear attitude to be permeable to the new rules of the game, master key to reach success.

4º To integrate knowledge for the professional practice, interrelating marketing, customer assistance and product.

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