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Certified Public Accountant

Approved by the Education Department Resolution Nº 2282/98.
Degree: Contador Público (Certified Public Accountant.)
Length: 4 years.

This degree has national validity, allowing the graduate to work in the whole territory of the Argentine republic. Attendance is mandatory in all of the six-month courses of study of this program degree, except for the language courses that are annually rendered.



  • To design structures of accountant management organization and its information systems related to the organization structure, accountant systems and implementation of data processing systems.
  • To achieve the cost analysis and report.
  • To develop the account and operational audit.
  • To achieve the financial and economic analysis of companies: studies about the profitability, balance sheets, disclosure of assets, and participation in the investment project analysis.

General Curriculum

1st Year
Basic Accounting
Mathematics I
Management I
Applied IT
Accounting Costs and Decision Costs
Mathematics II
Argentine Public Law and Integration Law
English Language I

2nd Year
Business Statistics
Business Law
Systems and Methods
Management II
Business Contracts
Superior Accounting and Accounting Analysis
Public Finance
English Language II

3rd Year
Financial Management and Management Control
Tax Technique
Tax Law
Financial Mathematics
Public Accounting
Testamentary Successions and Family Law
Bankruptcy Law
English Language III
Portuguese Language I

4th Year
Accounting Statement Audit
Legal/Accounting Professional Performance
Negotiation and Strategies
International Business and Organizations
Operational Audit and Computer System Audit
Job Internship
English Language IV
Portuguese Language II


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