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University Technician in Sound and Acoustics

Approved by the department of Education Resolution n 2015 on Aug/04, 2015.
Degree: Técnico Universitario en Sonido y Acústica
Length: 6 semesters

The science of sound and acoustics is not sufficiently developed in our country. An evidence of this is the notorious lack of professionals in this branch of knowledge in public and private organisms, either to approach topics related to measurement, health and safety, design of venues and concert halls and auditoriums, as well as limiting noise in public performances.

The same problems arises at the moment of designing public and private buildings, such as restaurants, entertainment venues, shopping malls and, particularly those facilities related to health.

The training of professionals with knowledge about methods of calculation and measuring procedures that are necessary to measure and control noise levels in workplaces, and to verify the complying the corresponding regulations and rules in force. Likewise, these professional will work along engineers and architects to improve sound quality in the entertaining industry, like theaters , stadiums and recording studios.

Graduate profile

This technician will be able to:

  • Install electroacoustic systems, integrating several variables in the context to improve the message sound quality in open and close spaces, in accordance with quality standards, regulations in force, safety and capacity of the working team.
  • Participate in the planning, project, implementation, building and initial installation and/ or sound improvement of sites already built and open, public or private places, with the purpose of achieving sound comfort according to every activity.

General Curriculum

1st Year
First Semester
Systems of Representation
Technical English Language
Second Semester
Mathematical Analysis
Electrical Engineer
Laboratory I

2nd Year
Third Semester

Acoustics I
Digital Signal Processing
Fourth Semester
Noise Control
Acoustic Measuring and Tools
Acoustics II
Laboratory II

3rd Year
Fifth Semester

Software for Sound and Acoustics
Sound Reinforcement
Project Management
Laboratory III

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