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Technical Degree in Web Applications Programming

Technical Degree in Web Applications Programming

Approved by the Department of Education Resolution nº 179/2013.
Undergraduate Technical degree: Técnico Universitario en Aplicaciones Web.
Length: five semesters.

Web applications assist people and companies in any place and moment, for any process and service, including mobile devices.

This kind of systems includes complex developments, due to the dynamic environment required, the high autonomy level, and the context adjustment ability required. They also demand new interaction procedures for the everyday tasks support. This new type of systems requires strict methods that enable the validation and programming of that software in a systematic and automatic way.

These applications can be developed for:

  • Private homes, intelligent buildings, companies and business and industrial processes, mobile devices and tablets, public and private means of transportation, and citizens general service improvement.

In terms of industrial level, this kind of proposal makes possible the reduction of final product cost, an increase of the final product quality, and an increase of the customer/user satisfaction.


This proposal is aimed at young high school graduates looking for a fast job alternative; as well as for those people who are already working in this field and require a formal degree and knowledge and practice upgrade.

The goal of this degree program is to train technicians able to cooperate with IT graduates in the development, implementation and maintenance of web applications, by means of models and technologies guaranteeing data access in a safety way and accomplishing proper standards of accessibility, interpretation, identification and quality.

Graduate’s profile

The university technician degree in Web Applications Programming trains these technicians to participate in:

·        The development of web applications with data base access, using languages and tools in accordance with the particular specifications belonging to information systems.

·        The development of components and/or interfaces to be integrated in web applications, using particular tools and following the established specifications and analyzing the accessibility and interactivity conditions. 

  • The working checking of the components developed from test-plans, in accordance to previous specifications.
  • The development and integration of components, software, services and content distributed in the web server environment; by means of specific languages and tools, with the purpose of accomplishing the application specifications.
  • The data base and application servers’ management, applying techniques and processes that guarantee data integrity, safety, consistency, and accessibility; adjusting the configuration to allow the web application implementation.

General Curriculum

1st Year

First Semester
Elemental Mathematics
Information Systems I
Programming I
English Language I

Second Semester
Information Systems II
Data Bases
Programming II
English Language II

2nd Year

Third Semester
Operating Systems
Markup Language
Development Environment
Laboratory I
English Language III

Fourth Semester
Applied Statistics
Web Development
Software Engineering
Project Management
Laboratory II

3rd Year

Fifth Semester
Professional Ethics and Labor Law
Web Applications
Web Interface Design
Mobile Applications
Final Work

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