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Technical Degree in Video Games Development

Technical Degree in Video Games Development

Approved by the Department of Education Resolution nº 180/2013.
Undergraduate Technical degree: Técnico Universitario en Programación de Videojuegos.
Length: five semesters.

The video game industry is a dynamic sector with an important present and better future.  It is an area employing well trained labor, and similarly to the rest of the entertainment and media industry, makes the sale of uncountable related merchandise possible. Likewise, it is an important niche for the advertising of tourism, products and values among others.


This proposal is aimed at high school graduates, or undergraduates/graduates of design or programming courses, and those looking for a particular training about different platforms of video game design, generation, and programming.

The goal of this degree program is to train technicians able to cooperate with IT graduates in the development and programming of video games, by means of the acquisition of a comprehensive knowledge about game creation.

Graduate’s Profile

The degree of university technician in video games development trains these technicians to participate in:

·       Video games development projects than can be supported by different platforms – computers, mobile telephones and consoles:

·       The development of graphic elements, texture animation, 3d models, and the production of papers about video games design; being part of working teams in the areas of programming, art and/or management.

General Curriculum

1st Year

First Semester
Elemental Mathematics
Information Systems I
Programming I
English Language I

Second Semester
Information Systems II
Data Bases
Programming II
English Language II

2nd Year

Third Semester
Operating Systems
Videogames Physics
Plots and Scripts
Graphic Design
English Language III

Fourth Semester
Graphic Programming
Game Development I
Audio Generation
Project Management
Artificial Intelligence

3rd Year

Fifth Semester
Professional Ethics and Labor Law
Web Applications
Web Interface Design
Mobile Applications
Final Work


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