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Specialization in Technology Management

Ph.D in Engineering Ph.D in Science and Technology Education Master of Teleinformatics Specialization in Technology Management Specialization in Teleinformatics Post-graduate Thesis (pick thesis) Post-graduates and Continuing Education

Approved by the department of Education Resolution nº 1336/10.
Degree: Especialista en Gestión de Tecnología.

Length: Three semesters.

The school of engineering of the Universidad de Mendoza offers this postgraduate course to professionals looking for increase their knowledge in the areas of Information Technology and Communication technologies.


  • To contribute in the comprehensive development of professionals with a high university level in their working performance in terms of vision, concepts, tools, processes and development of competences within the field of organization management, development of managing capacity, and specific technologies of their interest area.
  • To develop their interpersonal competences associated with working in interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and the same discipline teams, in business environments.  To achieve a high level training for the academic and professional performance within the field of the communication and information technology.
  • To train professionals aware of the ethic, social and environmental protection and able to contribute on it from the technological management to the sustainable development.

Aimed at

·       Graduates having a BA degree or an engineer degree in the information technology, electronics, telecommunication, or industry specialization.

·       Graduates with other degrees but having enough working experience associated with the engineering specialty.


Three semesters.

General Curriculum

Basic Cycle
Marketing Management
Human Capital Management
Project Management
Operation Management
Work team Management

ITC Orientation

Information Technology and Communication Projects
ITC Quality Standards
General Information Systems
Business Intelligence
IT Audit and Security
Electronic Business
International Technologic Infrastructures
ITC Legal Environment
Integrative Case

Service Orientation

Service Marketing
Service Quality Standards
Service Consumer Behavior
Service Operations
Electronic Business in Services
IT Service Applied
International Services
Service Legal Environment
Integrative Case

Industrial Orientation

Operation Management
Industry Quality Standards
Models and Simulation
Applied Operations Research
Industry Applied IT
International Operations
Industry Legal Environment
Integrative Case

Final Work (mandatory requirement in all the orientations.)

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