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PhD in Science and Technology Teaching

Ph.D in Engineering Ph.D in Science and Technology Education Master of Teleinformatics Specialization in Technology Management Specialization in Teleinformatics Post-graduate Thesis (pick thesis) Post-graduates and Continuing Education

Degree:Doctor en Enseñanza de las Ciencisa y la Tecnología, issued by the Universidad de Granada.
Length: 36 months.

Condition: Call closed.

Posgraduate degree program delivered by the Universidad de Granada (Spain) in collaboration with the Universidad de Mendoza.


  • To strengthen the research role in the science and technology teaching.
  • To favor the meta-reflection process in high school, college and university science teachers.
  • To boost teaching excellence in science and technology in terms of the epistemological, methodological and didactic support.
  • To train PhD graduates in science teaching having a respectful spirit towards the educational art in all the system levels.


E-mail. posgrados.ingenieria@um.edu.ar

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