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Masters of Teleinformatics

Ph.D in Engineering Ph.D in Science and Technology Education Master of Teleinformatics Specialization in Technology Management Specialization in Teleinformatics Post-graduate Thesis (pick thesis) Post-graduates and Continuing Education

Approved by the Department of Education Resolution nº 280/02.
Accredited by CONEAU Resolution nº 732/12.
Degree: Magister en Teleinformática.
Four semesters.

The school of engineering of the Universidad de Mendoza offers this postgraduate course to professionals looking for increase their knowledge in the areas of Information Technology and Communication technologies.


  • To train specialists with a high scientific and technological performance and able to efficiently develop their professional task in academic, research, industrial and business activities.
  • To achieve a high level training for the academic and professional performance within the field of the communication and information technology.
  • To train professionals so as to meet the needs of information technology and communications have today, understanding and mastering the changes in hte information and communication systems.
  • To cooperate with new developments as regards teleinformatics that solve practical problems by means of the proper use of human and technical resources.
  • To provide society with professionals mastering their decision implications in the area of teleinformatics.

Aimed at

Graduates having a BA degree or an engineer degree in the information technology, electronics, telecommunication, or industry specialization.


Four four-month periods, three out of them are for the course attending and one for the thesis or dissertation development.

General Curriculum

First four-month period

Information and Communication Technologies
Communication Network Architectures
Local Networks
Network Interconnection
Operative System Network
Distributed Systems

Second four-month period

TCP/IP Communication Protocols
Communication Network Laboratory
Telecommunication Networks
Broadband Networks
Wireless Networks
Security Protocol Services

Third four-month period

Service and Network Management
Distributed Software Architectures
Teleinformatics Market
Scientific Research

Master Thesis

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