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Industrial Engineering

Approved by the Department of Education Resolution nº 416/02 and amendments.
Accredited by CONEAU Resolution nº 300/14.

Degree:Ingeniero Industrial.
5 years.

Graduate’s profile

The course of study of Industrial Engineering is aimed at the training of a professional able to work and research on demand of the industrial and commercial activity in the whole Argentine republic, particularly in Mendoza province and the surrounding areas. This professional profile is also based on real necessity demanded by the small and medium-sized enterprises of the region.


This professional, with a solid training in Mathematics, Physics and chemistry; has a broad knowledge about computer science, information technology, mechanics, and other engineering sciences oriented to the knowledge of the industrial facilities structure and working, with the purpose of generate productive systems yielding profits and services.

The same graduate possesses deep knowledge about business managing and organization; and leadership and consolidation of multidisciplinary working equipment. This engineer is able to apply this knowledge to assess the conditions of installation, working, usage and preventive maintenance of equipment and material of state-of-the-art industrial plants, and technical & economic feasibility report of the different projects this professional is involved. 

The industrial engineer is permanently part of the engineering team for the implementation and operation of industrial development projects belonging to different investment levels, where they can explore new ways of solving electric, economic or finance problems, within the private or public field.

Degree Scope

1. To carry out and conduct feasibility studies; to design, manage, implement, control and assess the industrial production process of goods and the management of resources for that process. 

2. To plan and organize industrial plants and other ones for the transformation of natural resources and industrial goods and services.

3. To design the facilities needed for the production process development of industrial goods and services, and to manage and control the performance and maintenance.

4. To design, implement and assess the industrial production process of industrial goods.

5. To produce the technical specification and feasibility of devices and equipment required for the industrial process fulfillment.

6. To program and organize the movement and storing of the production process material and industrialized goods.

7. To participate in the product design regarding to its industrial production feasibility.

8. To define the installation and working conditions that are assuring the operation set required for the production and distribution of industrial goods & services in properly hygiene and safety conditions; to set the specification and to control the usage of safety equipment, devices and other items of the kind.

9. To plan, organize, control and manage the operation set required for the production and distribution of industrial goods & services.

10. TO define the human resource quality and quantity for the implementation and work of the operation set required for the industrial goods & services production; to assess that performance, defining the training provision.

11. To carry out the finance requirement plan for the industrial production.

12. To advise in everything related to the industrial goods production and management of the corresponding resources.

13. To carry out appraisals and assessments of industrial plants as regards their facilities, equipment, finished and semi-finished goods, and the transformation technology used in the production and distribution of industrial goods.

14. To carry out arbitrations and expert reports about industrial plant planning, organization, facilities, equipment, production process, operation procedures, hygiene and safety conditions requirement,  always for the industrial goods & services production and distribution.

General Curriculum

1st Year

Technology, Science and Society
General Chemistry
Calculus I
Calculus II
Systems of Representation
Physics I
Algebra y Geometry Analytic
Technical English Language
Information Technology

2nd Year

Physics II
Organic Chemistry
Calculus III
Economy I
Applied Statistics I
Business Management and Organization
Lineal Algebra
Economy II
Industrial Electrotechnics

3rd Year

Materials and Tests
Fluid Mechanics
Numerical Analysis
Industrial Hygiene Safety and Sanitation
General and Applied Electronics
Applied Mechanics
Industrial Costs
Industrial Thermodynamics
Environment and Quality Management

4th Year

Operations Research
Industrial Equipment
Industrial Chemistry
Business Finance
Operations Management
Control and Automation Systems
Industrial IT
Elective Course I

5th Year

Strategic Management
Industrial Processes and Operations
Planning and Assessment of Projects
Elective Course II
Engineering Law and Professional Ethics
Human Relations Management
Elective Course III
Final Work
Professional Practice

Elective Course s I 
Modeling and Simulation
Industrial Instrumentation
Data Bases
Local Area Networks
Environmental Contamination
Environmental Engineering

Elective Courses II
Control Advanced Systems
Industrial Maintenance
Software Engineering
Leaderships and Management Skills
Project Management

Elective Courses III
Industrial Robotics
Industrial Technology
Image Processing
Geographic Information Systems
Environmental Management and Assessment

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