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Electronic Engineering– specialized in Telecommunications

Approved by the Department of Education Resolution nº 943/05.
Accredited by CONEAU Resolution nº 890/11. 

Graduate degree: Ingeniero en Electrónica.
Intermediate undergraduate technical degree: Técnico Universitario en Electrónica(Electronic University Technician.)
Length: 5 years.

Graduate’s profile

The course of study of Electronic Engineering is aimed at the training of a professional able to project and design systems, components, or procedures that meet needs and goals involved in solving society’s problems.

The solid conceptual education given by the curricular disciplines of the program makes this engineer able to apply this knowledge creatively in the solution of problems about engineering, feasibility analysis, alternative analysis, economic factors, environment, safety, aesthetics, and social impact.

The same training makes these professionals aware of the responsibility of the continuous knowledge update due to the current scientific and technological progress.

The program leads to the training of engineers totally aware of the social responsibilities and able to relate different factors in their professional decision making process.

Telecommunication specialization:

This specialization fosters an engineer with higher education in the field of communication systems, with an electronic orientation training and broader general knowledge in video, telephonic and telecommunication systems.

Degree Scope

1. To project, plan, and design the feasibility study, managing, construction, installation, programming, operation, test run, measuring, maintenance, repairing, change, migration, conversion, commissioning, start up and monitoring among others tasks of:

  • Systems, subsystems, equipment, components and piece-parts of transmission, reception, distribution, conversion, control, measuring, automation, recording, reproduction, processing; or usage of signals of any kind, source, application, nature or type -optical, acoustic, etc.-; for all frequency or power.
  • Systems, subsystems, equipment, components, or piece-parts of radiating systems or any other means of communication link, including space-application satellites for all frequency and power.
  • Electronic data process systems, subsystems, equipment, components, hardware piece-parts, and software programming.
  • Systems, subsystems, equipment, components, or piece-parts implying electronic navigation or signaling; or any other application related to the land, sea or air navigation.
  • Systems, subsystems, equipment, components, or piece-parts of electronic automation or control for all application and power.
  • Installations using electric energy as accessory in all the instances already mentioned.
  • Any type of laboratory related with the above mentioned, except with civil engineering.

2. Studies, reports, tasks and advising of: 

  • Engineering, legal, economic and financial matters related to the above mentioned points.
  • Arbitrations, expert performance, appraisals and assessments about the above mentioned points.
  • Industrial hygiene and safety, environmental contamination and pollution related with the above mentioned point.

Telecommunication specialization
To project, plan, and design the feasibility study, managing, construction, installation, programming, operation, test run, measuring, maintenance, repairing, change, migration, conversion, commissioning, start up and monitoring among others tasks of television, telephony and communication systems.

General Curriculum

1st Year

Systems of Representation
General Chemistry
Calculus I
Calculus II
Technology Science and Society
Physics I
Algebra and Analytic Geometry

Technological English Language
Information Technology

2nd Year

Physics II
Calculus III
Electrical Engineering
Applied Statistics I
Circuit Analysis I
Calculus IV
Tools and Measurements
Linear Algebra

3rd Year

Numerical Analysis
Electronic Devices
Industrial Hygiene and Safety
Business Management
Circuit Analysis II
Analog Electronics I
Signal Processing
Propagation and Radiation
Digital Circuits I

4th Year

Digital Circuits II
Communication Systems I
Analog Electronics II
Environment and Quality Management
Power Electronics
High Frequency Electronics
Assessment and Control of Projects
Elective Course I
Installations and Electrical Machines
Control Systems

5th Year

Digital Communications
Television Systems
Industrial Automation
Engineering Mathematics
Elective Course II
Communication Systems II
Satellite Communication and Radio Navigation Systems
Microwave Technology
Business Management and Planning
Engineering Law and Professional Ethics
Elective Course III
Professional Practice
Final Work

Elective Courses with Telecommunications Orientation
Tele-informatics (I)
Telephone Systems (Ii)
Video Systems (III)

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