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Computer Science Teaching

Approved by the department of Education Resolution nº 699/03.
Profesor en Ciencias de la Computación.
Length: 4 years.

Graduate’s profile

The degree course of Computer Science Teaching is aimed at training a university teacher able to perform their role either within the working activity or research in the whole Argentine republic, particularly in Mendoza province and the surrounding area. 

This professor has a solid education in the pedagogic field, in the specialized one, and in information technology and computer science one.

This professional is able to perfectly play their role in classroom –rendering their corresponding course; as well as to be in charge of an information technology laboratory; to be part of interdisciplinary teams; and to promote the use of information technology tools in the teaching/learning processes.  Likewise, this education makes this professor able to analyze research and understand the education reality in its different dimensions.

Degree Scope

The professor in computer science is qualified to:

  • Be part of interdisciplinary and institutional management working teams.
  • Plan, lead and assess teaching and learning processes in the disciplines of their concern, in all the Argentine education system.
  • Advise in terms of methodology of teaching information technology and computer science.
  • Participate in interdisciplinary working teams for the developing, executing and assessment of programs and projects associated with problems of their concerning discipline.
  • Produce, manage, conduct, control and assess studies, surveys and researches about educational topics associated with computer science.
  • Carry out feasibility studies, project, design, operate, maintain, advise, plan, manage, and start up an information technology  laboratory
  • Participate in assessment processes and in the curricular design production, mainly at classroom and institutional level.

General Curriculum

1st Year

Mathematical Analysis Introduction
Systems of Representation
Applied IT
Mathematical Analysis
Educational System
General Physics I
Information Technology I

2nd Year

System Analysis
Numerical Analysis
Educational Institution
Learning Individual I
Learning Individual II
Research Methodology I
Curriculum I
Applied Systems
Applied Statistics I

3rd Year

Operations Research I
Local Area Networks
Operating Systems
Pedagogic Mediation
Operations Research II
Applied Statistics II
Curriculum II
Research Methodology II
Innovation and Change of the Institution
Information Technology II

4th Year

Software Engineering
Graphic Computing
Educational IT
Educational Software Analysis
Elective Course

Internship and Research

Supplementary Course of Technical English Language

Elective Courses
Institution Management and Organization
Teaching Resources and Techniques
Learning Assessment


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