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Agro-industry Maintenance University Technician

Approved by the department of Education Resolution nº 2014 on August 4, 2015.
Degree: Técnico Universitario en mantenimiento agroindustrial
Length: 5 semesters.

Mendoza is a region of fruit and vegetable production with great potential. Local agroindustry, even in less proportion than the wine growing industry, is now including new and cutting-edge technology to meet demanding markets.
Within this context and taking into account the nowadays high technology investment need - which implies more complex and quality demanding processes - people properly trained in this field become of paramount importance.

This course trains people able to be in charge of gear, equipment, machines and facilities affecting industry or companies dealing with wine production or agroindustry. This technician will be qualified and capable to apply techniques of monitoring and /or repair in order to reduce to a minimum the time in case of failure of equipment of processes. The same technician will have the ability to generate and effectively perform maintenance plans to ensure the successful operation of machines and processes.

Graduate Profile
This course provides the graduates with the knowledge and ability to:

  • Perform the activities of the Technical Planning Office.
  • Participate in the production of programs of predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Interact with the industrial safety area
  • Achieve the maintenance in the industries concerning wine production and agroindustry
  • Apply and supervise the protocols compliance according to the company’s standards and national/international regulations in force.


General Curriculum

1st Year

First Semester
Business Organization
Information Technology

Second Semester
Representation Systems
Probability and Statistics
Material Resistance
English 1

2nd Year

Third semester
Industrial Electrotechnics
Cultivation Techniques
English 2
Fourth Semester
Industrial Hygiene and Safety
Labor Legislation
Heat Engine
Electrical Machines and Facilities

3rd Year

Fifth Semester
Industrial Automation
Industrial Maintenance Management
Agro-industrial Equipment
Production Means and Facilities
Quality Management

Sixth Semester
Supervised Professional Practice

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