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Specialization in Health Infrastructure Planning

Ph.D in Architecure Diploma in Landscape Architecture Diploma in Complex Project Processes Specialist in Management and Intervention of the Architectural Heritage Specialization in Health Infrastructure Planning Post-graduates and Continuing Education

Accredited by the CONEAU Res. N°415/15.
Degree: Especialista en Especialización en Planificación en Infraestructura en Salud

Based on its interdisciplinary infrastructure, this specialization will allow an integral training for an advanced study of architecture, health sciences and engineering (bioengineering, engineering, electronic engineering and other degree courses,) providing the students with knowledge and needed tools to compound interdisciplinary teams for the Health Infrastructure Planning.


  • To provide a specifically disciplinary training, based on the interdisciplinary participation of a methodological, reflexive and integral mode.
  • To foster the development of a professional profile specialized for a proper performance in the team composition for the Health Infrastructure Planning,

Aimed at

  • Professionals, researchers, scholars and technicians working in areas related with Health Infrastructure.
  • People in charge of technical areas of the public administration, members of foundations and civil society and private organizations working in the health environment.

Topic Blocks

  • Health Care planning of buildings devoted to the health care.
  • Functional Planning of buildings devoted to the health care.
  • Technological Planning of buildings devoted to the health care + Final Paper of the specialization + 3 supplementary seminars (elective.)

Class attendance
Thursday & Friday: full day. Saturday: half day. One class per month during 12 months + Final Paper of the specialization (6 months.)

Attendance Mode

  • Classroom attendance: 3 forth-month periods + Production Workshop
  • Specialization Final Paper (300 theoretical hours and 150 Practicing hours)

Admission Requirements

  • Degree title of architect, engineer, bioengineer or degree course related to the topic of university officially acknowledges.
  • Pre-enrollment on the UM’s webpage.

Ms.Gabriela Perelló, architect specialist
E-mail. posgrado.arquitectura@um.edu.ar





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