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PhD in Architecture

Ph.D in Architecure Diploma in Landscape Architecture Diploma in Complex Project Processes Specialist in Management and Intervention of the Architectural Heritage Specialization in Health Infrastructure Planning Post-graduates and Continuing Education

Education Department resolution nº 1168/97 and resolution nº 149 /96.
CONEAU accredited upon resolution nº 692/99.
Degree: Doctor en Arquitectura.

This PhD is lectured in Universidad de Mendoza since the year 1997. This academic instance of excellence requires an in-class attendance, semi-structured, with a large number of clock hours, allowing the student to arrive on time for the research paper and eventually the dissertation or thesis.

Prior outputs in research papers, expositions and thesis dissertation are evidence of the academic character of this course.

The PhD of Architecture of the school of architecture belonging to the UM contributes to the consolidation of a theoretical and critical area in order to discuss and propose new knowledge within the disciplinary field of the architecture, supported by a solid academic body and a constant monitoring of the doctoral work.

The institutional research guidelines are: Environment and Sustainability; Heritage and Culture; Regional Technologies and Design & Creativity.

The Ph. D in Architecture degree given by the School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design is academic and disciplinary, has national validity and it does not give authorization to officially practice the university profession, unless some amendment in the national provisions ruling the matter takes place.

Once the thesis has been approved and recorded in the corresponding book of exams, the administrative procedures for the diploma take place. Due to the disciplinary character of the doctorate, in the corresponding diploma, the graduate’s university degree will precede the academic degree of the Ph. D in Architecture.

Degree scope

The Ph. D graduate of this school will be a person able to perform their professional task seriously and with broad academic knowledge. Their disciplinary grade will identify the true vocation in the architectural environment, without preventing their participation or research in other fields related with the architecture.

  • As a teacher: to teach in subjects or courses of the specialty, advising and supervising doctoral thesis of architecture or other academic graduations; as well as the training of new researchers.
  • As a researcher: to conduct high level researches in art or scienceindividually oras part of an interdisciplinary team high.
  • As an expert: to render conferences and high scientific or artistic level studies; to be member of a judge panel; to participate in national or international congresses; to produce reports for political, legal or business authorities; to write books, papers, articles and brief treatises; and to carry out any other activity related to the academic task performed with fully philosophical, artistic, scientific and technological knowledge of the discipline. 

Doctoral Pre-enrollment

The first requirement is to complete the pre-enrollment in the university website. Once the information has been analyzed, the admission requirements will be sent to the interested graduate, in accordance with each particular case.
Electronic pre-enrollment form is available in: http://www.um.edu.ar/posgrado/arquitectura.php 

General Curriculum

Attending modality concentrated in 9 in-class weeks (every 3 months) plus a week of assessment.

Lines of Research

  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Heritage and Culture
  • Regional Technology
  • Creativity and Design

Strategic Areas

  • Communication and Formats
  • Project and Planning
  • Technology, production and management.
  • History and Theory.

Fields of Study – Courses
Architecture and Knowledge

Introduction Level. Generic Competencies

  • Architecture and Science
  • Introduction to Epistemology
  • Philosophy of Architecture
    • Theory of Architecture
    • Critique of Architecture
    • Project Research

Architecture and Disciplinary Field

  • Level of Implementation. Specific Competencies
  • Land and City
  • Architecture and Environment
  • Processes of Design
  • Architectural Materialization
  • Creativity
  • Representation of the idea
  • Architectural Production

Research Process

  • Level of Implementation. Specific Competencies
  • Scientific Research
  • Scientific Language
  • Research Desing
  • Preliminary Design of the Research

Research Practice

  • Level of Research. Thesis Project.
  • This course is part of the level of research that introduces the Ph.D. students in an integrated exercise of the research process application with the purpose of producing a document about the research design. This document, with the support and contribution of a director, includes all the necessary steps to be presented as a scientific research, and thus award the Ph.D. degree.


  • Level of Research. Thesis
  • This course is part of the level of research where the Ph.D. student applies their theoretical and practice acquired knowledge to assess the knowledge status about a particular architectural area and the interconnected fields demanded by each topic. Thus, the same student identifies an aspect that is not enough explored to deeply research about it.
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