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Diploma in Landscape Architecture

Ph.D in Architecure Diploma in Landscape Architecture Diploma in Complex Project Processes Specialist in Management and Intervention of the Architectural Heritage Specialization in Health Infrastructure Planning Post-graduates and Continuing Education

Duration: 8 months

Course: Organized in 2 (two) four-month periods of 200 clock hours.

Diploma Background

  • The origin of the landscape architecture dates back to the first mankind settlements, when the human being started to shape communities and to obtain goods from nature, by means of the agriculture and pasture. Once the man settled down on definitive basis, he started to modify the surrounding, thus the landscape.
  • As long as sizes of those settlements increased, the corresponding settings started to be created by men, involving three new disciplines: architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning. The architecture concerns with the generation of closed spaces, which are the environment volumes; the landscape architecture with the open spaces, the typography, edaphology, hydrology, climatology and vegetation of certain land, which is situated within those empty spaces; and the urban planning with the support that gives structure to the first two spaces.
  • The design philosophy of the landscape architecture has received multiple contributions throughout three centuries: to consolidate the discipline and the professional practice; and to establish new theoretical, technological and methodological concepts that replace the formal concept and adjust themselves to the new community needs when searching the integration with the environment.

General goal is to provide the attendee with theoretical and practical tools for the architecture trouble shooting and to act properly in the approach of public urban spaces, empty spaces, and land.

General Curriculum

  • Subject 1: Plant support.
    • Module 01: Botanics and Vegetation.
    • Module 02: Plant Handling
  • Subject 2: Physical Support.
    • Module 03: Soils.
    • Module 04: Watering and Water Use.
  • Subject 3: Theoretical Support.
    • Module 05: Landscape History.
    • Module 06: Landscape Representation.
  • Subject 4: Management.
    • Module 07: Construction Management.
    • Module 08: Lighting.
  • Subject 5: Project:
    • Module 09: Landscape Architecture 1.
    • Module 10: Landscape Architecture 2.
    • Module 11: Landscape Architecture 3.
    • Module 12: Workshop / Integration Job.

Aimed at:
Graduates of architecture, agriculture engineering or agronomy, Ba in Design and related disciplines.
Last-year students of the mentioned degree courses. A certificate will be issued for the attendees.

At the end of the course and once the academic requirements are passed, attendees will received a certificate: “Diplomado Universitario en Arquitectura del Paisaje.”

The University Diploma of Landscape Architecture has a length of 8 (eight) months organized in 2 (two) four-month periods of 200 clock hours.

Start date: Friday, August 07, 2015


Secretary of Postgraduate -  School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design Universidad de Mendoza             

E-mail posgrado.arquitectura@um.edu.ar


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