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Diploma in Complex Project Processes

Ph.D in Architecure Diploma in Landscape Architecture Diploma in Complex Project Processes Specialist in Management and Intervention of the Architectural Heritage Specialization in Health Infrastructure Planning Post-graduates and Continuing Education

Length: 8 months
Attendance: organized in 3 (three) topical axis with a total class hours of 210 hours.

The creation of this diploma has origin in the need to deepen and upgrade methodologies, which incorporate complexity at the moment of designing, in order to acquire disciplinary knowledge within the specific project. These methodologies are aimed at revitalizing the research profile from the problem construction to the final proposal.
From the theoretical approach, the proposal aims to review, update and feedback the central architectural problems and their relation with the city and the environment, increasing the architectural knowledge level.
From the methodological approach, the purpose is to establish links between the project research and other disciplinary fields, such as philosophy, anthropology, technology and the environment among others, which all of them are necessary for the renewal and critical review of professional performance.
From the projective technique approach, the goal is to transmit, review, incorporate and generate new ways of professional addressing, including complex processes of project research.

Teaching Staff

Academic Head: Julio Miranda, architect
Coordinator: Julio Miranda, atchitect
• PhD Graciela Silvestri, architect
• Francisco Moskovits, architect
• Daniel Gelardi, architect specialized
• PhD Jorge Sarquis, architect
• PhD Alejandra Sella, architect
• Roberto Lombardi, architect
• Claudio Ferrari, architect

General Curriculum 

• Axis 1: Project and Technique.
o Theory of Project Strategies and Techniques.
o Technique and Project
o Technique and Project Experimental Workshop.
• Axis 2: Complex Programs
o Theory of the Project Research.
o Complex Programs Workshop
• Axis 3: Urban Morphology.
o Urban Preexistence and Architecture.
o Comparative Urban Studies.
o Urban Morphology Workshop.

Aimed at
The Diploma is aimed at professionals, researchers and academics, who work in areas related to architecture, urbanism, planning and landscape areas, including professionals in technical areas of public administration as well.
People authorized to attend this diploma are those professionals with graduate degree in Architecture, Bachelor of Design and related disciplines issued by public or private National Universities, authorized by the National Department of Education or Foreign Universities degree complying the corresponding international equivalences and academic requirement.
Advanced students of architecture, attending the last year of the degree course or working in the final project also qualify to attend this course.
At the end of the course, a course certificate will be delivered.
This diploma will have a quota of 25 enrolled students.

This course has a duration of 8 (eight) months organized in 2 (two) four-month periods, with a total class hours of 210 hours.

School of Architecture Urban Planning and Design
Universidad de Mendoza
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