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Graphic Design

Graphic Design             

Education Department Resolution nº 65/02.
Undergraduate Degree: Diseñador Gráfico.
Length Course: 3 years.

Degree Scope

  • To design, generate, analyze, propose, advise, or assess the communication expression by graphic and visual means in general.
  • To manage, control and supervise the achievement of the graphic designs above mentioned and the general components of them with the expertise in typography, materials, andproper printing/application processes.
  • To design, coordinate and supervise the graphic design assigned to products and the resulting advertising achievement: including the graphic and visual imagery.
  • To design, coordinate and supervise the achievement of the corresponding tasks that are strongly related with business image designers, packaging designers, general designers, business managers, economy practitioners, architects, and other practitioners of the field and task.
  • To study, research and apply new technologies that are proper for the design, and to intervene and collaborate in every activity related to this degree.

General Curriculum

1st Year

Information Cycle
Design Culture I and II
Visual Expression and Drawing I and II
Information Technology I and II
Workshop of Design Introduction I and II

2nd Year

Instrumentation Cycle
Regional Design
Materialization I and II
Creativity in the Design
Workshop of Comprehensive Design I and II
Professional Performance

3rd Year

Application Cycle
Introduction to Research
Professional Practice
Specific Elective Course I
Specific Elective Course II
Special Workshop of Design I and II
Final Presentation

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