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Ba. in Real Estate Enterprises

Degree: Licenciado en Emprendimientos Inmobiliarios (Ba in Real Estate Enterprises)
National Department of Education Resolution Nº 1837/13.

Duration: four years.

Degree Scope
The graduate is authorized to:
• Mediate and assist in the reducing to writing of long or short term contracts that are related to private or public real properties, which are available for this purpose and are not susceptible of any public or private auction.
• Carry out appraisals in accordance to market values.
• Advise and assist in the previous proceedings of the real estate trading.
• Participate with other activities that are related with the real estate market.
• Support and inform the parties to a contract about the need of advice or intervention from other professionals, practitioners or experts authorized to proceed in the real estate market.
• Act as certified appraiser for the ordinary or federal courts.
• Report criteria about social and technical affairs of the mediation.
• Design, perform and control brokerage proposals for a better negotiation between parties.
• Prepare and assess real estate projects.
• Design economic and financial proposals of real estate enterprises.
• Achieve any other activity related to the real estate brokerage.
• Produce reviews of real estate management that can be required by concerning authorities or individuals or legal entities.

General Curriculum

1st Year
Communication 1 (Basic Social Psychology)
Brokerage 1 (Employment Context)
Law 1 (Legal Propaedeutic)
Design 1 (Disciplinary Logistics)
Foreign Language 1 (Basic English)
Real Estate 1 (Building Valuation)
Marketing 1 (Positioning)
Valuation1 (Operational Techniques)
Comprehensive Practice1 (Introduction Module)

2nd Year
Communication 2 (Applied Social Psychology)
Brokerage 2 (Business Management)
Law 2 (Legal Logistics)
Design 2 (Creative Mediation)
Foreign Language 2 (Applied English)
Real Estate 2 (Urban Development)
Marketing 2 (Real Estates Risks)
Valuation 2 (Procedural Techniques)
Comprehensive Practice 1 (Instrumental Module)

3rd Year
First Semester
Communication 3 (Resources)
Law 3 (Business)
Design 3 (Statistics)
Foreign Language 3 (Business English)
Real Estate 3 (Economy)
Marketing 3 (Real Estate Market)
Valuation3 (Mathematics)
Second Semester
Communication 4 (IT)
Law 4 (International)
Design 4 (Real Estate Creativity)
Foreign Language 4 (Specialized English)
Real Estate 4 (Real Estate Attractions)
Marketing 4 (International Business)
Valuation4 (Finance)

4th Year
First Semester
Communication 5 (Social Ethics)
Design 5 (Current Trends)
Real Estate 5 (Real Estate Projects)
Marketing 5 (Strategic Management)
Valuation5 (Profitability Analysis)
Professional Practice 1
Comprehensive Practice2
Second Semester
Communication 6 (Project Presentation)
Design 6 (Decisions)
Real Estate 6 (Enterprising Play)
Marketing 6 (Business Simulation)
Valuation 6 (Environmental Impact)
Professional Practice 2 (Events)
Comprehensive Practice2 (Events)
Professional Practice 2
Comprehensive Practice2

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