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Postgraduation and Continuing Education


·         To strengthen all actions related to the advanced studies quality in all their modalities.

·         To generate advanced studies and degree programs in accordance with currently academic and professional demands.

·         To contribute, in terms of continuing education, to the university evolution process, in order to turn it into an academic, productive, and social model, regionally and internationally speaking, always supporting a strong internatiolization policy of higher education.

Strategic Policy

Higher Education Globalization

  • Horizontally and vertically participative action of the educational community.
  • Institutional positioning in the regional and global environment.
  • Generation and transferring of cutting-edge knowledge –for advanced studies, specializations, masters and PhDs.
  • Human resource strengthening and improving.
  • Participation in global networks and designing of mobility programs for teachers and students.
  • Generation of new academic environments for the advanced studies and continuing education, languages school, and advanced studies center.
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