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Specialization in Higher Education

Degree: Especialización en Docencia Superior (Specialization in Higher Education)
(CONEAU Resolution Nº 11004/11)

Duration: 18 months.
Classes are taken every two weeks


  • To provide a comprehensive, reflexive and solid education in order to reach the disciplinary knowledge, methodologically and didactically speaking, as we consider the last continuum as essential in the development process of skills, as well as associated with the formal acquisition and grasping of culture and heritage bestowed by society to the human being in general, and to a higher academic level in particular.
  • To develop competences, skills and attitudes teacher’s performance or member of teachers’ team need for advanced studies;
  • To include the local or internationally socio-economic context to achieve a practice for advanced academic studies, thus being trained for the research.


• To have a degree from a university legally recognized by the National Department of Education, or to have a degree from a college or institute registered and recognized by the locally corresponding Board of Higher Education.

• Spanish Language is mandatory.

• Area of General Training
• Theories and problems concerning the 21th century university
• National and International Policies in Higher Education.
• Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.
• Models, Methodologies and Strategies in Higher Education.
• Teaching Leadership in Higher Education and its Competences.
• Epistemology and Methodology in Educational Research.
• Curriculum Design and Planning in Higher Education.
• Area of Specific Training.
• Models of Qualitative Research in Education.
• Models of Quantitative Research in Education.
• Specific and General Educational Strategies.
• Competence Assessment.
• Research of Higher Teaching Practices.
• Complementary Training.
• Workshop: Final Work and Tutorship.
• Area of Elective Training (at least one of the course is compulsory)
• New ICTs and their Application in Higher Education.
• Contemporary Policies of Institutional Assessment for Higher Education.
• National Socio-Cultural Context in Higher Education.


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