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Marathon Challenge to the Volcano

The Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology from the Universidad de Mendoza - Río Cuarto city was present at the second annual date of Río Cuarto Trail Run.

“Challenge to the Volcano” is a pedestrian race that took place on Sunday June 23, 2019 in the mountain town of Villa El Chacay (which is located about seventy kilometers from Rio Cuarto city, province of Córdoba).
It was a race that counted on the participation of more than 900 runners, coming from all over the country, who chose to run the distances of 7, 13 and 25 kilometers.

On Sunday, a team of twenty-four people, including students and teachers of the Degree course of Kinesiology at the Universidad de Mendoza-Rio Cuarto city, were attending the runners at the arrival of each route. The students worked under the supervision of Carla Bustos, Coordinator of the course of study, and Javier Alaniz, teacher and coordinator of the extension area of said course.


Testimony of the students

We had a highly committed team and we want to reflect the comments that they made:

"Teamwork and the implementation of knowledge in each situation is fantastic, nice experience to share in a group and keep learning", Belén Funes 4th year - Kinesiology

"They are experiences that motivate you, that tell you how well you did when choosing this career. Working in a team gives you security and takes away your fear. Beautiful experience ", Florencia Gómez - 4th year - Kinesiology

"These are moments that motivate you to continue learning, to continue growing and adding experiences to continue helping people", Juan Cruz Bosticco - 4th year - Kinesiology

"Beautiful shared experience, proud of our profession", Sol Pía Pérez - 4th year - Kinesiology.

"Happy to do what you like and be able to do it with pleasure and surrounded by a great team", Irina Varengo - 3 years - Kinesiology.

"Beautiful learning experience and companionship, happy to choose this beautiful profession and to help others", Jonathan Basconzuelo - 4th year - Kinesiology.

"Great opportunity to apply what has been learned and to continue growing, as a kinesiologist and as a person, a beautiful moment shared with future colleagues and friends", María J. Rosales, 4th year - Kinesiology.

"Very nice experience to continue adding learning moments and how nice to do it among classmates and friends. Happy to be able to help from the race we chose ", Belén Carballo - 4th year - Kinesiology

"It is a beautiful experience to continue learning, from our colleagues and also from the athletes. It gives you the satisfaction of being able to help people and that they are happy with us ", Mariel Cocco - 4th year - Kinesiology.

"In these moments we realize how beautiful it is to apply what we have been studying and it fills us with happiness to see that with small things it makes us double!", Ángeles Quetglas - 4year - Kinesiology

"Beautiful learning and motivation experience. The most beautiful thing was to do it surrounded by such beautiful people and with the same wish and passion to help the other ". Gianina Castelluccio - 3rd year - Kinesiology.

"Great experience to continue learning and sharing with athletes and future colleagues", Agustina Pellegrini- 4th year - Kinesiology.

"wonderful opportunity given by the University to continue learning and adding experience with other colleagues", Melina Corsi - 3rd year - Kinesiology.

Next Challenge

The next date will run on October 13 in the town of Alpa Corral, with the distance greater than 42 kilometers ... .. there we will be !!!

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