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Whorkshop: “Safe Job Search. Being an anti-trafficking agent”

Será el 23 de agosto a las 18 en el Aula Magna de la UM.

It will be on August 23th at 6.00pm in the UM’s Main Room.

- "I'm looking for a job and I cannot get one. I have already pasted my CV in all the notices that came out on Facebook "- a student says.

-"I was summoned for an interview!", a junior female student says very excited. "Where is it?" She is asked at home with concern. "I do not know! In an  downtown officeand I have to be at 5 pm!" She continues really thrilled.

When "our student" arrives at the meeting point, she finds a small office with closed windows and an absolute silence. After five minutes, a man invites her to enter and her first interview begins. Everything is going well, they talk about her work experience until the questions become annoying and the man sits next to her. Our Student says to herself: -"He is a good person, calm down, nothing happens". But at that precise moment, the man goes too far, and very scared, she starts to run out of the office. Frightened and trembling like a leaf she sits on a square bench and starts scolding herself: "How I did not realize !!!".

She arrives home and desperately tells her parents about the situation. Dad calls the phone number given to "our Student" but it does not exist anymore.

“Unfortunately, this is a more usual situation day by day”, Dr. Parraga - Director of the UM`s Extension Department- adds closing the narration.

"With the use of social technologies and networks, various means of recruitment are used, most of which are not regulated by a public entity.

It is common for potential candidates to display their personal information on the walls of every page, giving their address and even daily routines to unknown people.

"It is well known that fake job-search notices are the most commonly used mechanism to attract victims to the trafficking network.Today, the so-called "organized crime" has contact networks extended at transnational level, allowing it to deceive those who lack the possibilities and information to defend themselves. Thus, there are currently cases of people who are attracted and deceived by promises of safe and well-paid jobs, however ending up being kidnapped and turned into slaves, thereby losing all their human rights. "; Says Dr. Mónica Delsouc, Lead Consultant General Manager.

"In this context, we have thought about this Worshop aimed at the general public, mainly students of all ages and all universities. We also invite parents, teachers and the general public since this issue of security in the job search engages each and every one of us in the different roles of life "; Adds Roxana Martinez, Coordinator of the University's RSU Program.

Solidarity always present

The activity will be held on Wednesday, August 23, at 6 pm in the UM¡s Main Room. It is free and with solidarity purpose, so 2 packets of noodles are requested and will be donated to the Food Bank.

Because we expect a large number of people, previous registration is required at http://bit.ly/busquedaseguraUM


mail: mayra.barros@leadconsultora.com
Roxana Martinez, RSU Universidad de Mendoza | mail: roxana.martinez@um.edu.ar


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