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Conference: “Extreme Hydrological Phenomena: Instruments of Financial and Tax Law”

It will be held on Wednesday, July 24 at 6 p.m. in the Auditorium Dr. E. Descotte School ofof Legal and Social Sciences of the University of Mendoza.

This conference is organized by the Institute of Water and Environment belonging to the UM School of Legal and Social Sciences and will have as a special guest: MS. Raquel Lacambra Orgillés from the Universidad de Zaragoza.

The theme to be developed is linked to the management of the risks caused by extreme events in nature, both drought and floods. Initially, Dr. Liber Martín will address an introduction on water security and the risks they face. Then, Dr. Marcela Andino will analyze, from the perspective of water management in the Province of Mendoza, what are the financial and economic instruments for managing risks. Finally, the invited Professor will do the same from the Taxation in Spanish Law.

Professor Raquel Lacambra Orgillés has a degree in Law from the Universidad de Zaragoza. She began practicing law as a lawyer for twelve years. It was subsequently appointed as a substitute judge in the Courts of Zaragoza, intervening mainly in the contentious-administrative jurisdiction. She is currently a teacher and researcher in training, attached to the Area of Financial and Tax Law of the School of Law of Zaragoza. It is part of the AGUDEMA research group (Water, Law and Environment) of said University. And she is a member of the University Institute of Research in Environmental Sciences of Aragon. He is currently preparing a PhD thesis under the title "The tribute to natural risk: special consideration in the field of water".
Free admission. Certification of assistance $ 150.-

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