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It is rendered at San Rafael campus from October 13th, 2017.

DIRECTOR: Dr. Carlos a.. Livellara
Coordinator: Mariana Carayol

Online Pre-registration open

registration: August/September. San Rafael campus. Limited places

duration: 6 months (October to November 2017/March to June 2018)

course time day: Friday (three)

schedule: 4.30am to 8:30pm.

The Universidad de Mendoza offers this degree program with the overall objective of responding to the growing demand, both in the academic and professional field, specialists who have sufficient knowledge enabling them to deal with issues related with Labor law.
The diploma is a University certificate, therefore once the conditions are fulfilled, the University will deliver the following certification: Diploma in Labor law.
Completed with a blended course -theoretical and practical classroom classes will be combined in the classroom with prior preparation by reading material available to the student in the Virtual Classroom.


This diploma is aimed at professionals of different disciplines, among which the following are cited as priority: lawyers, notaries public, business managers. Advanced students in the last two years of the above degree programs May also attend this course, as well as people interested in the subject, whose studies or activities require a complementary training in the subjects of study. In the last cases, a certificate of attendance and/or approval of the corresponding subjects will be only issued.


MODULE I: incidence of the civil and commercial code in the labour law - Carlos Alberto Livellara.
Module II: Individual labor right - Olga Castillejo of Arias.
MODULE III: Collective labor right - Roberto Domínguez.
Module IV: Procedural law - Ana María Salas.

Documentation for registration

Once the online pre-registration is made, you must be present at San Rafael campus, to sign the pre-registration application in two copies, taking with you:

-photo card (2).
-A photocopy of the front and back of the (new) ID.
-In the case of being professional, you must submit the degree certified by the original university. In the case of being a university advanced student of the already mentioned degree courses, you must submit a certificate of regular student issued by the concerned School or Faculty. In the case of a person whose activity requires a complementary training in the subjects of this diploma, you must submit a proof or certificate from your workplace.
-Updated CV (evidences are only a requirement in case of specialist/Master/PhD graduate).

Enquiries at Mendoza campus
Secretary of Postgraduate degree.

E-mail posgrado.juridicas@um.edu.ar

Enquiry at San Rafael campus
School of Law and Social Sciences

E-mail sede.sanrafael@um.edu.ar

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