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Diploma in Approaches to Violence from a Gender Perspective

It will be rendered in the School of Health Sciences, under the orbit of the Psychology degree program of this academic unit. 

The Diploma course seeks to offer tools for understanding, prevention and implementation of approaches to different expressions of violence. Likewise, it works for the promotion of actions favoring the construction of social peace in healthy and inclusive environments from a gender perspective.

Duration: 12 months.

Starting in September 2017

Frequency: Biweekly

Course schedule: Fridays from 5pm to 9pm and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm

Modality: Face-to-face

Coordinator: Cecilia Pallucchini. A lawyer. Specialist in public policies of Adolescence and Family Childhood.

Historical processes and citizenship building. Gender and right perspective. Changes in family settings and gender roles. Gender Violence. Violence towards children and adolescents. Violence in the school environment. Violence and sexual diversity. Violence in confinement contexts. Legal aspects and protocols of action. Socio-health approaches: internal sector, intersectionality and discipline links. Deconstruction of media violence, towards non-sexist communication. The society's commitment to non-violence. University Social Responsibility. Actions for the construction of social peace.

Recipients: Professionals of the Health (Psychology, Medicine, Nursing, and Nutrition among others), Teachers of all levels, Graduates in Social Work, Professionals of the Legal Fields, Journalists, Social communicators and all those professionals to whom deepening in these subjects is optimizing their professional exercise. 

Information and registration:
Online registration form https://goo.gl/forms/DgCElhmdZfgPQ3Z02 Mail: sofiagrzona@um.edu.ar

Mail: sofiagrzona@um.edu.ar

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