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"I am one of those who think that science has great beauty (...)"
Marie Curie

"(...) A scientist in his laboratory is not only a technician: he is also a child placed before natural phenomena that impress him like a fairy tale" declared the great French scientist, of Polish origin: Marie Curie.

On this world date - and in particular moments of great challenges for Science and for all humanity, due to the COVID-19 pandemic - the birth of Dr. Bernardo Houssay (1887-1971) is remembered, an eminent Argentine scientist whose career marked a turning point in the development of science in our country. He was the first Latin American to receive the Nobel Prize.

The Universidad de Mendoza greets its scientific researchers, all members of the DIUM (Research Directorate), which aims to generate new knowledge and transfer it to society according to a modern conception of scientific-technological activity.

The UM works in a strong scientific tradition: the tradition of innovating

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