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COVID-19 infection: Management of Patients in Surgery Context

A guide of care and recommendations for professionals who must work in an operating room and care for a potential patient with coronavirus infection.

The urgent surgical pathology is the only one that can neither be delayed or suspended. It must be ensured at all times, taking into account the general recommendations, which must be coordinated with the authorities of each Health Center.
Caring for the COVID-19 patient implies new action strategies and continuous training in the operating room.
The COVID 19 pandemic we are experiencing globally is causing that "the change" -a constant in an operating room- takes place more quickly than usual.

Instrumentation professionals must adjust themselves to all new circumstances, both professionally and personally to avoid contagion. The main objective must be aimed at preserving vital healthcare activity including the protection of our patients as well as healthcare personnel.

Ms. Adriana Mercado -Professor and Internship Coordinator of the Surgical Instrumentation degree course at the Universidad de Mendoza, Río Cuarto campus- states that “as Operating Room Instructors it is necessary to be up-to-date with reliable information and manage it properly. Furthermore, it is important to be able to share it, since cooperation at this time of necessity of care, is essential.”


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