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Donate Blood. Be a bone marrow donor.

The chance will be on Thursday, October 3 from 9.30 to 12 in the Central UM Courtyard.

The University Social Responsibility Program, belonging to the Directorate of Extension and Institutional Relations in conjunction with the Mendoza Regional Hemotherapy Center, invites all those interested in donating blood and enrolling in the Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors.

Why donating blood?
Blood is used not only to perform transfusions but also to elaborate what are called “blood products”, that is, medicines that certain people need and whose raw material for processing is human blood. Blood is also used for people with severe burns. That is why we need to be voluntary and permanent donors.
Follow this infographic to complete the donation steps and share it on your social networks.
 Don't be fasting. Breakfast infusions or sugary drinks,
 Be over 18 years old,
 Not having done tattoos, pircings, surgeries in twelve months,
 Show documents,
 Weigh more than 50 kg,
 Good health.

What is bone marrow donation?
Marrow donation is a process that basically involves extracting a small amount of spinal blood from the back of the hip bone. It is performed under general or epidural anesthesia, in the specialized hospital closest to the donor's home. The extraction in the column is not performed.
“The Marrow Donor Bank Registry is voluntary and essential to save human lives. Let's not forget that anyone can need it at any time in life. The commitment of each and every one of us is important.”

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