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"This is not for us, it is for the 10 thousand who are on the waiting list ”

Brenda Molina, a transplanted UM student, together with Rosana Mateo stood out at the XXII World Games for Transplants in England. We transcribe the note of “Los Andes” newspaper.

The School of Health Sciences and the Universidad de Mendoza wish to congratulate Brenda (student of the Bachelor of Kinesiology) and Rosana for their achievements, their tireless effort and for being an example for all those who go through or have gone through similar situations.

Los Andes Newspaper Note

Podiums: Brenda and Rosana, luxury medalists in the World Cup

Molina (27 years old) won volleyball and athletic presets in her debut. Mateo (50), also added others in swimming. Both told their experiences.

By Analía Cuccia Baidal / Los Andes.

“This is not for us, it is for the 10 thousand who are on the waiting list.” That is the motto of the two Mendoza medalists who competed in the XXII World Games for Transplants in England. Rosana Mateo (50) and Brenda Molina (27), and the remaining 38 Argentine representatives who stood out in the competition held in Newcastle and Gateshead, among which two other Mendoza also participated: Tomás Alzamora (23 years, kidney transplant) who competed in volleyball and in tennis, and Juan Cortez (71, heart transplanted), in athletics.

(Photos: Diego Parés / Los Andes)

“The message is first for those who are already transplanted and for us to stop being the picnic egg to realize that we have already passed a line and there are 10,000 that are waiting to pass. In some way it is to show them the quality of life we have and that we can continue doing sports with a normal life. Additionally, it is to encourage people to donate”.

The talk was opened by Mateo who is a teacher at the “Favorite” neighborhood and a softball player at “Las Rayadas”, UNCuyo team.

For Rosana it was the 11th World Cup, achieving in this edition three medals in swimming, one in athletics and another in volleyball, as a coach.

For his part, Molina debuted in these World Cup and did it so in the volleyball team that won the bronze and in athletics, running in a 4x400 post obtaining the silver medal.

“Many times, you make problems with superficial things, but when you get sick you make a click and give importance to other situations. To healthy people who become troubled and care, I say "you are healthy" and that is the greatest good they have. "

Rosana, who was transplanted from a bone marrow when her daughter (NdR: Priscilla Jardel, a field hockey player in River and Las Leonas) was eleven months old, told how it was to overcome it.

“It was two years of life where I did not imagine getting the idea of leaving her alone (Priscilla). And after the post-transplant stage, I told myself that it was enough. I was in an agonizing pain. My mother-in-law, whose son died six months earlier, took me by the hand and said: ‘Let's pray’. Miracle or not, that same day I began to recover platelets”, she said.

(Photos: Diego Parés / Los Andes)

And then she enhanced how important the family is, that they are supporting us when we are broken. And in her case faith was very important, as well as the person who was by her side, holding her hand ”.

Molina, meanwhile, was transplanted from a kidney donated by her mother, Rosana Portabella. She was with dialysis ten months before the intervention and once transplanted she could recover her well-being and hope in life. She was able to return to play - currently part of the Macabi team, in the A2 - and to work.

For Brenda, the transplant done two years ago was like "being born again." And from their experience "transplanted or not, people have to do sports because they provide health, strengthens and mental wellness" she said.

In the World Cup there was companionship, celebrations and some setbacks for the foreign language. However, the experience was unforgettable.
The harvest for the most seasoned athlete in the World Cup was five medals: three silver ones in 50 meters butterfly, on the back and in free. In athletics, gold medal in ball throwing and in the 4x400 post, with another second place. And in volleyball, a bronze, but this time, as a coach.

“In volleyball the boys gave me the bronze as a gift. The team was made up of tennis players and Brenda, who played every game. She did not sit for a little while, she was really incredible. That bronze medal is worth more than gold one, ”said one of the coordinators of the Games, in the Association of Transplanted Athletes of the Argentine Republic (Adetra).

“Rosana managed the whole team, the relays, the warms-up. She played a fundamental role. That medal was not a gift, it was well earned” Brenda corrected, who in addition to volleyball -strong-, ran on the 4x400 post with which she won another medal. Athletics is not a sport to which she dedicates time, but “in spite of everything it went quite well. In high jump I obtained another silver one”.

These women fighters with another look towards life, revealed a reality: “people must be aware that we are all donors, because there are more people on the waiting list than those who are healthy. In this talk the example is given, said the oldest interviewed.

Both Rosana and Brenda said that this competition began with the inconvenience of tickets and although, in beginning, they hesitated to travel due t that cost, they had the help of many people and institutions. They thanked their families and friends for the help they received, as well as the Ministry of Sports and the Municipality of Capital. "And mainly to my mother who was my donor," said the volleyball player.

“In my case, my daughter, who was the one who insisted offering to pay; to her godfather who once he had known that I was not going to travel, he quickly managed the support. That is why I also thank Goldstein, Edemsa, and Pan American Silver, the oil company that helped us, the four Mendozineans. And then, a man from Spain who saw the “Pri” posting of his mother's trip and without knowing me, sent me a few euros to travel. "For the example you are giving to your daughter," he told me. So, this is my thanks to ‘Maxi’ from Spain. And finally, mainly, to my brother, who was my donor, ”said Mateo.

This delegation kept the best of memories, with many harvested medals and a positive balance towards the future. There were four people from Mendoza, four transplanted people who taught us how to continue fighting and enjoying life and sports.

In volleyball it was played without its regular first-team players

This year there was no money to support the team with players of that sport for these World Cups. Argentina was represented by tennis players and Brenda Molina.

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