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Awareness Day: Food Safety

A proposal from the Bachelor of Nutrition of the Universidad de Mendoza, Río Cuarto Headquarters, with the participation of the Health Department of the City Municipality and the Supply Market.

The Day is part of the activities related to the World Food Safety Day, and will take place on August 23, from 4 to 8 pm. The value of the inscription will be a non-perishable food.

Food safety encompasses actions aimed at guaranteeing maximum food safety, and this meeting aims to:

• Raise awareness among the community about food safety and its effect on health.
• Analyze the application of good handling practices for the preservation of food safety.
• Highlight the importance of the hygienic practices of the food handler, to avoid contamination of them.
Agenda to be developed during the day:
• “The margins of food safety”, Dr. Rosendo Liboa (UNRC)
• “Techniques for proper hand hygiene”, Lic. Vanina López (Municipality / Secretary of Health)
• “Control functions of the bromatological entity”, Dr. Noelia Coria (Edecom)
• "Fruit and vegetable control system in Río Cuarto", Lic. Florencia Ohanian and Ing. Ernesto Guevara (Supply Market)

The main recipients of this proposal are:

-Students in related degree courses: Nutrition, Nursing, Cooking, among others.
- Teachers
-Professionals and Personnel related to food handling.
-Entrepreneurs related to food and gastronomy.
Those interested in participating and booking their place (space is limited) may do so through the following link:

More information:
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