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Seminar on Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (D.B.T.) in Addictions

It will be in charge of Dr. Adrián Fantini, invited by the Dichiara Foundation for Mental Health, Research and Teaching (FUNDADIC) and the Degree in Psychology at the Universidad de Mendoza, Río Cuarto Headquarters; with the endorsement of the College of Psychologists of the Province of Córdoba Río Cuarto Delegation (N ° R00-47 / 19).

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy or dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is within the third generation psychotherapies, focused on teaching psychosocial skills.

It was developed by Marsha M. Linehan, a psychology researcher at the University of Washington, specifically for the treatment of people with borderline personality disorder, suicides and addictions.

The purpose of the course is to introduce psychotherapists working with addictions, in various cognitive-behavioral techniques, aimed at emotional regulation and reality tests, with the concepts of tolerance to anguish, acceptance and fullness of consciousness.

DBT is a psychotherapy proven worldwide and considered effective for consultants with ideas of suicide, patients who have symptoms and behaviors associated with mood disorders, self-injuries, sexual abuse and chemical dependence.

The Dissertation will be in charge of Dr. Adrián Fantini, who is a specialist in Psychiatry, Legal Medicine and a senior professor of Forensic Psychology. At the end of his dissertation there will be a panel discussion integrated by Ms. Lara Cusi, member of FUNDADIC, Ms. Marisa Mainardi and Ms. Alejandra Novo, professors of the Universidad de Mendoza and Mr. Marcos Igarza, president of the College of Psychologists of the Province of Córdoba-Río Cuarto Delegation.

The seminar is intended for Psychologists, Psychiatrists and students of both professions.

Registrations are open;
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