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Psychologist´s Professional Ethic

A conference was held at Río Cuarto city headquarters to deepen on the current challenges of the professional Psychologist in the clinical, legal and educational areas.

Last Friday, June 14 between 18:00 and 20:00, the conference was held: " Psychologist´s Professional Ethics - Current challenges of the profession in the clinical, legal and educational areas", by Liliana D 'Eramo (Psychologist, MP 1477). Students and graduates of the degree in Psychology participated in this activity.

This activity took place in the Auditorium Room of the Rio Cuarto Campus of the Universidad de Mendoza and was organized by the chair of Educational Psychology of the Psychology Degree course, in conjunction with the Extension and Research Coordination and Supervised Professional Practices.

During the Conference, Ms. D'Eramo tackled ethical and deontological aspects that come into play in the interventions that the psychologist makes when dealing with different subjective discomforts. He characterized the specific problems that arise in the different areas of exercise of psychology and proposed strategies that make it possible to overcome the challenges of that profession.

The interventions of Gisela Constantino, head of the chair of Educational Psychology, together with the Mariela Caraballo and Dr. Marcos Faletti, responsible for the Coordination of Professional Practices and Extension and Research, promoted the active participation of the attendees.

The activity counted on the institutional endorsement of the College of Psychologists of the Province of Córdoba-Rio Cuarto city. It is part of the programming of a series of joint activities that strengthen the professional training of students and the connection of the university with community issues.


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