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“Genetics and Health”: Primer Ibero-American Nutrition Simposium

This symposium is taking place on March 21-23 at the "Fader" Hall of the Sheraton Mendoza Hotel.

The First Iberic-American Nutrition Symposium has great professional and academic relevance for the Province of Mendoza since it is an international event that deals with the theme of "Nutrition, Genetics and Health".

The School of Health Sciences of the Universidad de Mendoza, understanding the importance and need to analyze the scientific relationship of the different axes in question, decides to be the promoter and organizer of this prestigious event, inviting exhibitors of worldwide acknowledgment, who - for the first time- they will meet in the Province of Mendoza.

This event has advanced scientific and technological value, which will allow participants to adopt new participants in their professional and academic practices.

-Discern about the factors -modifiable or not- that condition the appearance of various diseases.
-Promote the health and nutrition education through the approach to nutrition in public health.
-Inform the new advances regarding the evaluation of nutritional status.
-Train in terms of in international regulations for the labeling of food products.

Ba. in Nutrition. Nutritionists. Biochemicals, Physicians, Physical Education teachers, Nutrition Professionals and all professionals related to Health Sciences and the elaboration of food products.

On line – UM FORM

$ 2,500 professionals
$2,000 external teachers
$1,500 UM´s teachers
$ 900 external students
$ 500 UM´s students

e-mail: simposionutricion2018@um.edu.ar
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