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Food Styling. Eye Food.

Virtual training course, a proposal from the School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design at the Río Cuarto city headquarters, open to the public.

Food, due to its ability to charm and awaken the senses, has become one of the most photographed elements. Since the coming of social networks (especially Instagram), there has been the popular custom of “shooting” food, either as a hobby or as an advertising medium.

Modern life demands a great visual consumption where Food Styling will be our tool to differentiate ourselves and capture the attention of our public. In this course you will learn the knowledge and tools necessary to understand and generate stylistic proposals, applying design methodologies to conceptualize and produce images. They will venture into styling, communication, marketing, photography and editing techniques to compose a comprehensive work that allows communication, persuasion and sale.

The course will be in charge of the designer Emmanuel Torres, graduated from the Universidad de  Mendoza. Entrepreneur in the fashion industry, founder of Miutan Fashion Lab. And part of the teaching staff of the Bachelor of Design at the UM - Río Cuarto headquarters.

Course features:

Program: 10 hrs.
Duration: 4 classes, Friday
Virtual meeting through MEET platform
Starts: July 10, 2020 - 2:00 p.m.
Limited availability

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