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Institutional Cooperation Agreement - Universidad de Mendoza – Grupo América

The UM is constituted as a new member of the RESPONSIBLE CONSTRUCTION NETWORK.








In order to strengthen ties through institutional cooperation, which allow the University to provide content of interest in a framework of knowledge transfer and to guarantee - on the part of Grupo América - the communication structure in various formats, the UM is constituted as a new member of the RESPONSIBLE CONSTRUCTION NETWORK materialized in a vertical thematic of UNO Online on the site www.diariouno.com.ar.

The importance of being part, in conjunction and coordination with other entities of Mendoza involved in the RESPONSIBLE CONSTRUCTION NETWORK, is to encourage awareness by the population regarding issues related to sustainability, sponsorship, responsibility in the chain of value of the construction and complementary processes and the care of the environment from the different disciplines to which such responsibility is involved.

The contents of awareness to be developed by the UM will come from the university functions: research, extension and teaching always framed in the aforementioned thematic axes and will be materialized through transfer and training actions.

It should be noted that this initiative is nourished by the contributions and management of the Vice-president of the University of Mendoza, Esp. Arch. Eduardo Salomón who are crowned with the signing of the COLLABORATION AGREEMENT between the UNIVERSIDAD DE MENDOZA and the Grupo América, through the SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, URBAN PLANNING and DESIGN.

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