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Thinking about after COVID-19 architecture and cities

Practical work activity carried out by the second-year students of the Real Estate Broker degree course at the Universidad de Mendoza, Río Cuarto campus.

The 2nd year students of the Real Estate Broker degree course developed, within the framework of a practical work proposed by the Real Estate Department, ideas about what issues should change in the design of the spaces we inhabit (from housing to the city) to make them healthier, based on the COVID-19 experience.

Students made exhibitions of their work in the virtual classroom of the Universidad de Mendoza.
Summary of student proposals:

For post COVID-19 cities:

• Changes in the ecosystem and environmental balance. Healthier and greener cities.
• The inequality in the cities was apparent. The need to rehabilitate forgotten urban spaces.
• Expand the dimension of circulation areas (sidewalks).
• The use of the field as a recreation space was presented as an opportunity.
• Assign public green areas to each neighbor.
For post COVID-19 properties:
• Use in virtual tour marketing. The installation of digital signatures.
• An opportunity to revalue sustainable architecture.
• The importance of ventilation and natural light in areas.
• The garden.
• Homes with accessible terraces.
• Offices with open areas and access to outdoors.
• Inclusion of disinfection spots in areas of public use and at home.
• The return of the hall and / or transition areas to enter home.
• Think of areas adjustable to other uses. The multifunctionality of the whole house.
• Use dividers between room folding screen style.

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